Real-World Experience, Futureproof Innovation

Above and beyond vertical transportation management and monitoring, LiftNet offers the industry insight, growing resources, and supportive partnership you need for optimal building management.

Years of Industry Expertise

As pioneers in vertical transportation management, we’re proud to bring the hands-on technical expertise, modern technology know-how, and unwavering focus on safety standards you rely on to every project and client we work with. Our deep understanding of the industry, forged through years of real-world experience, equips us to navigate the world of vertical transportation with ease.

With LiftNet, you gain a powerful solution for effective traffic and building flow by connecting, controlling, and monitoring your elevators, escalators, and moving walks.

Our team goes beyond installing LiftNet’s vertical transportation management software, but ensuring you have the necessary tools and resources to maximize its potential.


Improvement, Future Success

With 100 years of experience collaborating with different teams, brands, and technologies, we’re prepared to address your unique challenges and inquiries. Whether your objectives are long-term or require immediate assistance, we stand ready to support you every step of the way.

Our solution isn't just about today; it's about securing your future success.

Whether you’re expanding your team, integrating additional systems, or incorporating the latest technological advancements, LiftNet is designed to grow and adapt alongside you.

Personalized Support

Rapidly Deployed

With a collective experience exceeding 100 years, our team has supported a diverse range of teams working with various systems and technologies.

There is no challenge too complex for us, and we take great pride in our commitment to thoroughly understand your questions and needs before providing a tailored solution.

We cover the groundwork for you, ensuring a complete and seamless setup that lets you tap into LiftNet’s benefits right away. Beyond that, our team is here for you every step of the way, dedicated to providing prompt solutions when you need them.

LiftNet is proud to be a brand of Hyperion Solutions: the premier provider of Systems & Components, Digital Solutions, and Technical Services for the Vertical Transportation industry.