Get Connected:

at your Fingertips

Do More than Monitor, Manage.

With LiftNet you can monitor and pull data from all your systems, but perhaps more important, is the ability to control them from the very same portal.

Here’s How it Works:

Our technical expertsconnect our exclusive LiftNet technology to your elevators, escalators, or moving walks.
We partner with you to understand your facilities, traffic flow, and the overarching needs of your organization, and then set-up your highly configurable portal.
It’s seamless to install and connects your systems together, and we’ll support you every step of the way.

Wondering if LiftNet is compatible with your technology?

The answer is yes.

LiftNet is a cloud-based
solution, which means:

Remote Access

You can access your data anytime, anywhere (phone, tablet, or desktop)

Reliable Updates

You always have the latest technology with automatic technology updates


You get a customized solution based on your specific needs, meeting cyber security compliance requirements and automated safety backups

Get real-time feedback & instant control with a touch of a button.

Always know your elevators’ locations and operational statuses, regardless of technology platforms/brands.

Conduct traffic and usage analysis to 
optimize building efficiency.

Plan better for future needs based on live, 
quantitative output.

Take immediate action during emergencies or entrapments.

Isolate and control units instantly – floor & unit lockouts, independent service, hall calls, car-to-lobby, fire service, or Code Blue.

Real-time fault logging to detect shutdowns early and identify units causing operational bottlenecks.
Maximize uptime and rider experience.

Live display status, with data in an easy-to-understand dashboard.

Don’t scour lines of data, see what’s happening as it occurs. Exportable reports make sharing data easy.

We’ve been partnering with essential locations, organizations, and leading consultants for years to bring visibility, control, and management to new levels.

Maximum Uptime.

Support You can Depend On.