LiftNet integrates with virtually any Vertical Transportation solution – from major OEM’s to bespoke brands.

The Ultimate Connector

Managing multiple locations and sprawling campuses often means dealing with various brands of vertical transportation technology.

100% Non-Proprietary
All Controller Types
Integration with Facilities Management Software

These differences often result from remodels and expansions within the same building or overseeing multiple locations with distinct technologies from the outset. Regardless of location or technology mix, LiftNet provides essential visibility, data, and control for all your equipment.

Preferred by Facilities Experts & Elevator Consultants

LiftNet is practical and functional, and quickly becomes a necessity for building management teams. Whether you’re in charge of building management or providing consultation, we’re here to provide support.

Futureproof & Designed to Scale with You

Automatic, regular software updates ensure your state-of-the-art technology is fast, reliable, and always up to date.

LiftNet integrates with other building management solutions and technology innovations like autonomous hospital robots, and more.



Monitored Units

We work in some of the most highly populated and critically important locations, partnering with facilities leaders, operations experts, OEMs, and vertical transportation consultants to design and deliver reliable visibility and control – day in and day out.

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With extensive elevator industry experience and technical expertise, our team will configure your system and answer any questions that come up along the way.

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